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Adding Variety to Your Cardio Routine With Personal Training in West Chester

cardio varietyWith personal training in West Chester you receive cutting-edge exercise routines with variety, and as they say, variety is the spice of life. Adding variety to your cardio routine not only helps you achieve a fuller workout but helps keep the routine from becoming boring. While some of us thrive on having consistency in our fitness programs, many of us are in danger of quitting because doing the same exercises over and over again quickly loses interest. In this article, we’ll take a look at why variety in your cardio routine can help you reach your goals, some easy ideas for incorporating variety in your fitness program, and how personal training in West Chester can help you to find the variety you need.

Why we need variety

There are several reasons why variety is important in our fitness routines. It’s important to remember that there are over 600 muscles in the body, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be using every one of them in one single cardio exercise. With personal training in West Chester the main purpose of cardio training is to raise the heart rate and improve energy and stamina, but cardio can also work on different muscles groups at the same time.

Another reason variety is so important is that it can help you push through the inevitable fitness plateau that you’ll run into from time to time on the way to reaching your goal. The body reaches a plateau when it is working at its optimal capacity at any given exercise. This happens most often when the same exercises are repeated over and over again. Changing up the routine with personal training in West Chester can help push through a plateau and even avoid reaching one altogether.

Daily, weekly, monthly

If you like rapid change and need variety to keep you motivated, you can vary your cardio exercises in the same thirty minute session by changing the exercise every ten minutes. Others prefer to concentrate on one exercise per session, but may do a different exercise every day. There are also those that like the consistency of following the same routine but realize that changing the exercises is beneficial in the long run, so will change every four to six weeks.

Change as you feel comfortable, but remember that part of working towards your fitness goal is pushing your body out of its comfort zone, so it’s not a bad idea to at least try an exercise you previously would have avoided it. You may find that you need assistance, and that’s where personal training in West Chester can help!

Getting help

If you feel like you’ve done every kind of exercise you can think of and are at a loss for what to do next or just need some advice on the best ways to vary your cardio routine, you may find that personal training in West Chester is the best way to go. A personal trainer can design a routine that helps you reach your goals as well as keeps you interested with cutting edge exercises. After all, personal training in West Chester is the best way to spice up your fitness routine is to make sure it has plenty of variety.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives an individual personal trainer needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Inside Vs. Outside Exercise: What’s Best For Long Term Fitness in West Chester?

In maintaining personal fitness in West Chester, some people get very set in the indoor vs. outdoor exercise camps. Truth be told, there are benefits to each, but for the long haul, perhaps one trumps the other.

outside exerciseIndoor Exercise Vs. Outdoor Exercise

There are definite pros and cons to both indoor and outdoor exercising for fitness in West Chester. Let’s take a look.

Outdoor exercise…

  • Gets you out enjoying nature and helps fill a natural desire
  • Allows you to easily avoid socializing…which may or may not be a good thing
  • Is low cost


  • You are exposed to pollution in high-traffic areas
  • Depending on the area, safety may be an issue
  • Lacks the motivational support of others
  • Presents the possibility of unforeseen obstacles
  • Is unstable and unpredictable

The biggest problem with outdoor exercise is probably the weather. Certain conditions are just plain unsafe and others make it far too easy to excuse away exercising for the day; and sometimes that excuse can be used for weeks or months on end.

This brings us to indoor [gym] exercise, with…

  • Stable environmental conditions that are safe, maintained, and predictable
  • Social opportunities
  • Support and motivation of others
  • Motivation of a bright, conducive atmosphere expressly for the purpose of exercising
  • Less of a feeling of ‘aloneness’
  • Consistent availability
  • Multiple equipment, exercise, and program options in one place


  • Well, it’s not like being outside in the sun
  • May cost more, depending on activities
  • More distracting to do at home (because there’s always life & family getting in the way)

Best Of Both Worlds?

All in all, and especially where the long term is concerned, indoor exercise is just more reliable. For long term fitness success and consistent devotion, you can plan on needing to take it inside some or all of the time.

Does that mean you can’t break from routine every now and then or add an outdoor element when conditions are right? Certainly not, but our focus here really is long term fitness in West Chester.

In It For The Long Haul

Truly sustainable exercise programs present opportunities to diversify your fitness in West Chester routine. That means learning how to effectively plan a routine, get the support you need, and learning to mix things up a bit. Perhaps an additional outside activity is just the thing to do that; to be sure that you can commit to regular fitness performance, best to use indoor facilities as your foundation.

Regardless of where you exercise, how you exercise is of utmost importance. Seek the guidance of a professional trainer, learn what to do (and how) both with him/her and without, and develop a fitness in West Chester plan that works for you.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Fitness Program Consult now!

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Sleep: The Other Part Of The Fitness Puzzle for Health

baby sleepingEating right and exercising are the key building blocks for good health in West Chester, right? Just don’t forget the third piece of the health and fitness puzzle—sleep is every bit as important, for more reasons than you might expect.

Eat Right, Exercise, And Get Enough Sleep

Eating right and exercising get the lion’s share of the attention in terms of health and fitness. Sleep is often an afterthought. The truth of the matter is, though, that neither a good exercise plan nor a healthy diet can work effectively to maintain health in West Chester without the proper rest to support it. In fact, scientists have shown that you can live longer without eating than you can without sleeping.

Life, as we all know, is filled with far too many demands on our time; and while many of us have committed to a regular exercise routine to maintain good health, many of us have let ourselves become sleep deprived. That is hardly conducive to maximizing the benefits of that much needed exercise regimen. Very few people report prioritizing sleep for health in West Chester, while exercising and eating right are much more of a concern. Still, as experts have revealed, all three components are essential to optimizing health.

How Lack Of Sleep Affects Fitness

A lack of sleep (less than eight hours per recommendations) has a significant impact on the body’s ability to function and see to essential life processes that command fitness. Most people know that not getting enough sleep is a severe energy drain, which obviously complicates the ability to exercise. But beyond the energy factor, sleep affects health and fitness in other ways.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to:

  • Poor regulatory control of blood products and hormones (impacting bone density, strength, energy, appetite control, and muscle health)
  • Increased weight gain (despite diet)
  • Decreased exercise regimens
  • Slower metabolism

In addition, a lack of sleep results in poor cardiovascular (heart) health and an inability to repair muscle and tissue—essential to strength and fitness. In fact, the need for sleep as a means of boosting fitness is so important that the average athlete gets ten hours of sleep each night as opposed to the recommended eight (which is really far less for many adults). This is important to consider when trying either to maintain or achieve health in West Chester.

Sleep And Exercise—A Symbiotic Relationship

Exercise and sleep share a symbiosis of sorts. You need good rest to be able to perform exercise and benefit from it; good exercise helps you get the most from your sleeping hours. It helps you get to sleep, stay asleep, and rest better than if you did not exercise.

Sleep and exercise are two partners in health and fitness. Without one, the other will be seriously lacking, and without the other pieces of the health and fitness puzzle—nutrition, sleep, and exercise, the benefits of any other will be seriously decreased. They are both necessary in order to achieve health in West Chester.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All fitness programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Simple Steps To Prevent Knee Injury In A Health Club

knee injuryKnee injury is a common complaint amongst Health Club in West Chester-goers. Knee injury in the gym for many people is largely avoidable with a little education. Even for those who have already suffered a knee injury, a dose of exercise education can help manage an existing condition and prevent further injury.

Why Knee Injuries Happen

In a majority of cases, knee injury is entirely avoidable in the Health Club in West Chester.

Many times knees are injured only because people do not know the right way to use gym equipment. Safe equipment use relies on knowing:

  • The correct positioning and form
  • The degree to which the equipment can safely be used given an individual’s fitness level (how hard, how fast, how intense, how strong you can go)
  • The movements the equipment was designed for
  • The muscle groups the equipment was designed to work
  • How the equipment can be used for multiple exercises (again, with knowledge of form and intensity)

Likewise, exercises that are not dependent upon equipment result in knee injury for much the same reason. This can apply to strength training, free weights, flexibility, yoga, Pilates, and aerobic movements. Safe exercising at the Health Club in West Chester without equipment relies on knowing:

  • Correct positioning of various muscles and body parts
  • The degree of intensity that is safe given an individual’s fitness level
  • The right movement
  • How to modify an exercise to increase results
  • The right combination of exercises to safely achieve desired results (so that no one body part is being injured because of use and overload)

Given that these are the main reasons people suffer knee injuries in the gym, the answer for prevention, and even management post-injury, is education.

Getting Educated To Prevent Knee Injury While Working Out

The only way to really be safe and prevent knee strain (or any other type of injury in the gym) is to get educated by someone who knows. In the Health Club in West Chester, that person is a personal trainer. A personal trainer will help you prevent injury by:

  • Training you on each piece of equipment
  • Teaching you the uses for different equipment
  • Teaching you proper form and body positioning and working with you until you achieve it with ease
  • Starting you at a safe level of intensity and increasing workout intensity as safe and necessary
  • Modifying exercises given existing knee injury and other conditions
  • Evaluating the safety of a movement/exercise/intensity and making accommodations and modifications when appropriate

The key to knee injury prevention in the Health Club in West Chester is education. Find a qualified professional who can help you learn about how to exercise safely and how to make the best and safest use of your workout time so that you can continue to see results and achieve your goals.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the an individual personal trainer needed to succesfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Fitness Consult now!

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How a Personal Trainer in West Chester Helps You Achieve Goals

woman achieves weight loss goalA personal trainer in West Chester can help you meet fitness and weight loss goals by a deadline. Of course this means you must begin your program within a reasonable amount of time given your goals, but your personal trainer in West Chester can structure a fitness program so that you achieve quicker results. The trainer will work with you to identify the specific results you desire and will then structure your fitness program to target those goals.

Oh No…Pictures!

Far and wide people are worrying about how they will look in the pictures they know will be taken. It may be a wedding, charity walk, class reunion, social event, family reunion, or any one of a hundred other picture taking events involved. But it always seems to come down to wondering how to get fit in time to look good in the pictures.

When you want to slim down or tone up for a major event coming up, there’s a right way and wrong way to approach your goals. Starving yourself or suddenly beginning a long distance aerobic conditioning running program is not the right way. Instead you should work with a personal trainer in West Chester who can design a program which specifically addresses those areas of the body which you want to improve in time for the picture taking.

Targeted exercises can accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

  • Tighten abdomen muscles
  • Tone shoulders and arms
  • Lose weight
  • Improve aerobic conditioning
  • Tighten thigh and buttock muscles

Stretching Your Goals

When you have a big event coming up and want to concentrate on certain fitness aspects, a personal trainer in West Chester can work with you to set short term goals. Short term goals are those which can be met in a couple of months or less. After setting reasonable goals that are achievable, you will be able to follow a fitness program which enables you to meet those goals in time for your designated event.

A professional personal trainer in West Chester has many types of exercises and nutritional approaches that can result in weight loss and body toning in a fairly short amount of time. For example, you can begin stair stepping and bicycling while reducing the amount of fat and carbohydrates in your diet. Activities such as this can be combined with targeted exercises such as abdomen crunches and muscle toning moves like bicep curls with free weights.

When it comes to picture taking events, it’s not unusual to discover you want to make some fitness improvements. Of course there are plenty of events that you may simply want to take on as a challenge. These can include activities such as a 25-mile bicycle trek or a 10 mile walk.

Whatever you have in mind, you can begin working with a personal trainer in West Chester immediately and begin to see results in a short period of time. Then once the event passes, you can stretch your short term goals into a long term fitness program.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to succesfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Finish What You Started – Cut the Fat for Good with a West Chester Fitness Trainer!

A West Chester Fitness Trainer Reports! There’s no question about it – making the commitment to work off that extra fat is no easy task. Not only is it hard getting your new fitness program off the ground, but you’re sure to encounter pitfalls along the way. Don’t beat yourself up or quit when you meet an obstacle, jump over it! Staying motivated is the best way to ensure that you’ll meet your fitness goals. In this article, we’ll explore how you can stay motivated in all stages of your fitness journey and how a West Chester Fitness Trainer can help.

In the beginning

You may start off your fitness program with plenty of enthusiasm, but many of us start finding excuses to miss an exercise session or two as early as two weeks in. You’re sore and tired and you’d rather just stay at home. Of course you’re sore! You’re using muscles that haven’t been used in quite a long time, it’s perfectly normal. Make sure your body gets plenty of rest, but don’t fall for this well worn excuse. If imagining how amazing you’ll look and feel when you reach your goal seems too far out of your grasp at this point, give yourself a short term goal.

For example, create a goal that says that after six weeks of constant exercise, you’ll finally treat yourself to that luxury item you’ve had your eye on. Once you reach the first six weeks, make a new goal and work towards that. The time it takes to reach your final goal will be different for everyone and doesn’t have a definitive date, so create a solid goal that you can reach in the short term. A West Chester Fitness Trainer can help you stay on track so that you not only reach your short term goals, but your lifetime goal of being fit and healthy!

Pitfalls in the middle

The most common pitfall most of us will face on the path to our goal is a fitness plateau. All of a sudden, the numbers on the scale, the measurement of your thighs, or the amount of weight you can lift all stays magically the same, well before you’ve reached your goal. Does this mean that you’ve done as much as your body can handle? No way! Our bodies are incredible machines and will work hard to achieve their maximum capacity at whatever task we give them, but eventually the body will become so efficient that it no longer needs to use as much energy or burn as many calories to perform the task at hand.

This usually happens when you do the same exercises over and over again, so the solution may be as simple as changing the intensity of the exercise or the exercise itself. A West Chester Fitness Trainer can help you make the necessary changes to push through the plateau and continue on your way.

Those last five pounds

It’s true; the less fat you have to lose, the harder it is to get rid of it. Those infamous last five pounds can be a killer to push through, but think of how excited you’ll be to know you pushed through and stuck to your commitment from the beginning until the very end. If you’re having trouble getting past those last five pounds, consider consulting a West Chester Fitness Trainer, who is helpful during all stages of reaching your fitness goals. A West Chester Fitness Trainer can help design a fitness plan for you from the beginning, give you ideas or pushing through your plateaus, and keep you motivated all the way to the end, when you’ve reached your goal.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All fitness programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Why You Can Benefit from West Chester Fitness Trainers

With West Chester Fitness Trainers you can improve your life through a healthier choices and fitness. Deciding where and how to begin your fitness journey are just as important as making the decision to begin in the first place. For those that have never traveled down this path before, it can be complicated and confusing. That’s why working with West Chester Fitness Trainers is a great choice for beginners and lifelong fitness devotees alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how the personalized attention of a trainer can help you reach your goals.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

How many times have you started a new exercise routine and followed it faithfully for three weeks before you’ve found that your enthusiasm is long gone? Be honest – it’s easy to make excuses to avoid exercise. “I had a rough day at work,” “I’m too busy today,” “I didn’t get enough sleep last night,” the list goes on and on. But how quick would you be to make excuses if you know there was someone waiting for you at the gym?

And once you get to the gym, going through the motions alone can be equally intimidating. “How long should I do this exercise?” “Am I even doing this right?” Having West Chester Fitness Trainers by your side will help ensure that you can get instant feedback whenever you have a question, not to mention that they’ll monitor your progress and make sure you are working out safely and efficiently.

Focus and Motivation

West Chester Fitness Trainers are more than safety instructors in the gym; they can be your personal cheerleader – or even your personal drill sergeant, if you prefer – to help keep you focused on your goals and motivated to make them happen. A good personal trainer will keep track of your progress, and use this information to change or accelerate your workouts accordingly.

Before setting on your fitness path with a personal trainer, make sure that this is someone that you can see motivating you in the future. Do you feel comfortable with this person? Will you feel comfortable taking directions from this person? Being sure that you can form a good relationship with your personal trainer may mean the difference between meeting your goal and getting frustrated enough to walk away from your trainer and your goal.

Tailoring to Your Personal Needs

From the first day you meet with your personal trainer, he’s working to help you realize your fitness goals. The first meeting should include a full assessment, including your present weight, body fat index, and what you’re working towards – whether it’s losing weight or preparing for a marathon. This is also the time to let the trainer know if you have any problems such as joint or muscle injuries, are suffering from diabetes or are recovering from a heart attack. Using all of this information, the trainer will create an exercise program that is tailor fitted to your needs to help you reach your goals, and not the other way around. There is no better time than the present to hire West Chester Fitness Trainers to make your goals a reality!

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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West Chester, PA Personal Trainers Declare War on Fat

West Chester, Pa.-West Chester Personal Trainers have declared all out war on fat. We are tired of all the BS and gimmicks that make fasle promises and set people up for failure when it comes to weight loss. So here at West Chester Personal Trainers in Pa., we created our own comprehensive system that provides all the tools necessary for successful weight loss. At West Chester Personal Trainers, we guarantee your personal training program with a 100% money back policy. If you are not absolutely thrilled with your results from any of the personal training programs at West Chester Personal Training, we will gladly refund your money. Call West Chester Personal Trainers in Pa. at 610-429-9002 for more information.

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Why I picked West Chester for Personal Training

When I first thought about bringing a personal training studio to West Chester I considered several factors; growth of West Chester, economic viability to support personal training in West Chester, and available resources for hiring personal trainers in West Chester. All of these factors seemed favorable at the time, but I remember the ultimate deciding factor on opening a personal training studio in West Chester was that I LIKED West Chester. I liked the people I met in West Chester.

Some 14 plus years later, I feel that I made the right decision. My West Chester personal training studio is growing despite the economy. Many of the clients I have led through weight loss and personal training programs here in West Chester have become close friends. The boro of West Chester continues to grow and as it does, more and more opportunities arise for our West Chester personal training studio to help as many people as possible lose unhealthy weight and to regain their bodies and their health.

West Chester is now my home and personal training is my passion. How lucky am I?

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New Year’s Weight Loss Bubble Burst Without These Five Keys To Success

Daily victory is crucial to New Year’s resolution success. Each day that passes without movement towards the goal diminishes the emotional commitment and increases the odds of failure. That’s how the weight loss bubble bursts for so many people.

To help West Chester residents stay on track, avoid the bursting resolution bubble or patch it up and re-inflate (it’s never too late), West Chester Fitness Professional, Dennis Carroll, shares his Five Steps To Health and Fitness Success in 2009:

  1. Define (or re-define) your weight loss and fitness goals and why they are important to you. As philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche says, “He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how.” Is your weight loss goal motivated by a fear of disease, a desire for more confidence and self-esteem, to be a good role model for your children, to be more attractive and desirable to your spouse? Isolate the core emotional reasons why, list them out, tape to your bathroom mirror and refrigerator and read them each day.
  2. Find your starting point. Take ‘baseline’ measurements of your weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, body mass index, resting heart rate and circumference of your waist, hips, arms and thighs. Have someone you trust take a picture of you in your bathing suit or revealing exercise clothing. Don’t be shy. This picture, possibly more so than even your weight on the scale, will motivate you to stay on track. All of the other measurements can be performed by a competent fitness professional, your doctor or even your spouse or friend with the right tools. Anything that is measured and watched consistently improves. In order to gauge progress, measurements should be documented each week. Keep in mind that as you begin to exercise, body weight rarely changes at the rate we hope, but other measurements will. Use them as motivation.
  3. Design a comprehensive program. This is where a certified fitness professional is irreplaceable. Books, magazine articles, and other generic guidance will not suffice. A personalized program addressing the specific needs of the individual is highly recommended, as everyone is different. Most certified personal trainers offer program design independent of their training services. Although there is no substitute for the consistent guidance and accountability a good personal trainer can provide, an inexpensive starting point is to have the trainer create a comprehensive program including both exercise protocols and nutritional recommendations.
  4. Get your daily victory. It may be as simple as replacing the fast food breakfast with oatmeal and banana, or walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator. All that is important, is consistent daily progression towards the goal. Do not allow even one day to pass without a victory and soon the willpower and discipline to succeed becomes second nature. TIP: use a daily journal to record everything eaten, all exercise performed and the positive feelings associated with those victories.
  5. Regularly re-assess and reward. Measure your progress each Saturday. If you were disciplined throughout the week you will notice incremental changes and you can (and should) reward yourself on Sunday by enjoying a favorite treat (like pizza or chocolate – but no gorging, please) even if it’s not supportive nutrition. Do be certain to get your daily exercise victory to sustain momentum – even if it’s just performing five minutes of basic calisthenics or walking. Knowing that you have one reward day per week gives you something to look forward to, eliminates feelings of ‘mourning’ over perceived loss, and keeps the resolution bubble from bursting.

For additional weight loss, health and fitness guidance, all West Chester residents are invited to attend the February 4th special event, “How To Make 2009 Your Healthiest and Best Year Ever!” This event is sponsored by five of West Chester’s leading health, fitness and personal care experts, including Dennis Carroll, and is designed to share their specific knowledge and proven health-enhancing action plans with West Chester residents, while raising money for The West Chester Area Senior Center. A $10 tax-deductible donation to The Senior Center is the only cost to attend. Information on this event is available at www.westchesterchallenge2009.com.