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Why Joining West Chester Boot Camps Helps You Shed Pounds Faster Than Working Out On Your Own

Joining West Chester boot camps helps you shed pounds faster than working out on your own, because the programs include plenty of fat burning exercises while being motivational and inspirational. Losing weight is not easy but it can be fun when you choose a boot camp program. Yes…it’s true! Losing weight can be fun when you have the right variety of exercises and share common goals with exercise classmates.

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Boot Camp Intense!

An exercise that is boot camp intense is one that asks your body to be all it can be. In West Chester boot camps, you don’t have time to waste thinking about whether you do or don’t want to complete certain exercises. Once the class starts, your attention will be on reaching your target heart rate which means you are burning fat.

West Chester boot camps can help you shed pounds, because they include everything you need to turn your body into a fat burning machine. You learn what it takes to get cardio-and-muscle-fit which is how you increase your metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn.

Many people choose a boot camp program as a “last resort”, because nothing else has worked. The quick-loss weight plans are not permanent or healthy programs and the expensive home gym equipment usually ends up in a corner collecting dust. One recent survey said that as much as 60% of home exercise equipment is not used.

Calorie Account Deficit

It’s easy for marketing companies to make you feel as if their products hold magical answers to weight loss. But permanent fat loss or weight maintenance takes aerobic effort coupled with strength training and balanced nutrition. Most people get waylaid by their own lives when it comes to sticking with a weight loss program.

In other words, it’s too easy to fall off the weight-wagon without motivating support and consistent aerobic effort.

In a fitness boot camp, you will attend an exercise class that makes sure you will shed pounds because you will be burning more calories. The quickest way to lose fat is to create a calorie account deficit. By adjusting your diet and faithfully attending a fitness boot camp, you develop the commitment it takes to lose weight.

Lasting Effects

Boot camps include fun and varied aerobic exercises which force your body to burn fat in order to maintain the required level of activity. You raise your metabolism and the effects last long after the class ends. For up to 2 hours after a class, your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate.

It is easy to see how the West Chester boot camps can help you shed pounds the right way. You watch the pounds melt away while improving your overall conditioning. You will look better and feel better and have fun getting to that point.

West Chester boot camps are growing in popularity because they are fun and challenging, but most of all, they work. There are no elaborate miracle weight loss promises made. The only promise made is this: follow the advice of the instructor and make a sincere effort when exercising and you will finally shed those pounds while learning how to keep them off for a lifetime.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every personal training client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Beach Body Meet up Group

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Why I picked West Chester for Personal Training

When I first thought about bringing a personal training studio to West Chester I considered several factors; growth of West Chester, economic viability to support personal training in West Chester, and available resources for hiring personal trainers in West Chester. All of these factors seemed favorable at the time, but I remember the ultimate deciding factor on opening a personal training studio in West Chester was that I LIKED West Chester. I liked the people I met in West Chester.

Some 14 plus years later, I feel that I made the right decision. My West Chester personal training studio is growing despite the economy. Many of the clients I have led through weight loss and personal training programs here in West Chester have become close friends. The boro of West Chester continues to grow and as it does, more and more opportunities arise for our West Chester personal training studio to help as many people as possible lose unhealthy weight and to regain their bodies and their health.

West Chester is now my home and personal training is my passion. How lucky am I?

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New Boot camp starting soon!

Women’s  Only

Boot Camps

Six Week Transformation





–        BE LEAN and TONED




Limited space-sign up NOW

Premier Personal Training

142 E. GAY STREET WEST CHESTER (610) 429 9002

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Women’s Bootcamps are here!

When Jordan returned from upstate New York (you know they don’t get cold up there?) for the fall semester at WCU, he could barely contain his enthusiasm for women’s boot camps. He had just spent the summer working at our mutual friend’s facility and apparently really enjoyed himself.

I had been considering launching a boot camp and with Jordan’s eagerness to get started now seemed like the right time. We are just about finished the  first month and due to the client enthusiasm and reports of excellent results, it looks like boot camps are here to stay.

Don’t let the name scare you. Boot camps are designed for all fitness levels. We are getting ready to start new boot camps in just a few weeks. Due to size restrictions, the classes seem to fill up quickly. Call us today to reserve your spot in the body transforming “Women’s Boot Camp”