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Workout Diet – What Not to Eat When Working Out

Despite your best efforts, you may find your training and nutrition plans aren’t giving you the results you and your personal fitness trainer had originally hoped to see. Your body needs to see constant change in order to get continuous results, which means switching up your workout routines on a regular basis. There is one other important area of concern, though, and that is your diet.

Perfect Post Workout Nutrition

 If you’ve hit a plateau it may be time to take a closer look at your habits in the kitchen. There are several foods and drinks that will totally destroy your diet, adding tons of sneaky calories. Here are a few things you should be staying away from.

Sauces, Salad Dressings, and Condiments

Sauces, salad dressings, and condiments taste great and can really spice up an otherwise bland diet. If you’re not watching what you’re doing, though, you could be adding tons of calories, sugar, and fat – totally undoing what you did in preparing a healthy meal to start with.

The good news is that you can easily replace these things with spices, all of which are virtually calorie-free and can add a ton of flavor to your food. Staples you should have in the house include pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and anything else that packs a flavor you enjoy. Try to stay away from seasoned salts as they’ll add too much sodium to your diet.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks, like Red Bull, may give you a quick burst of energy but the damage they’re doing to your diet can be devastating. A little can with just over 8 ounces of beverage can have 27 grams of pure sugar. If you’re trying to restrict your carb intake, you’ll completely blow your limit for the day out of the water. If you’re merely trying to eat a healthier diet, you’re replacing healthy, complex carbs with simple sugars. It simply doesn’t work. Ask your personal trainer to recommend a healthier alternative.


Alcohol is bad for your diet and physical goals. Period. End of statement. No matter what “reduced” calorie or reduced carb concoction you pick up, it will still be packed with empty calories (ie. absolutely no nutritional value). To make things worse, most people drink alcohol at night, which is when your body is more likely to try to store it as fat. If you’re really serious about your physical fitness goals, you’ll need to put alcohol on the back burner.

There are plenty of other dietary changes you can make to jump-start your weight loss and physical fitness goals. Talk to your personal fitness trainer about making modifications to your current plan. You’ll begin to see results again before you know it.

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Personal Fitness Trainer: Nutrition

A Fitness Trainer in West Chester provides valuable information about both exercise and nutrition. A well designed fitness program must include both components in order to be truly effective. One without the other cannot produce the best results because good nutrition provides the body the energy it needs to get the most benefit from the exercises.

personal fitness trainer nutrition guidance

Fueling the Body

You can’t run a car without gas; you can’t turn on lights without electricity; and you can’t get the most out of your exercise program without nutrition. But just like you shouldn’t put cheap gas in your expensive auto, your body needs the right balance of nutrients in order to operate efficiently.

When you are reading about good nutrition, the first thing your personal fitness trainer will help you sift through is the enormous amount of information that is available. When you begin to read about losing weight, you will notice that much of the information is conflicting. Some people say you can lose weight quickly while others say the weight loss must be slow. Seeking the advice of a knowledgeable Fitness Trainer in West Chester can help you determine which information is right for you.

But one fact the majority of people agree on is that healthy weight loss must be accompanied by regular exercise. When it’s not, the result is often the infamous yo-yo weight gain-weight loss-weight gain cycle. Good nutrition and exercise work together like a team, and when one team member is missing, the whole team suffers.

The Right Nutrition for the Right You

The fact is there is no single nutrition plan that fits everyone’s needs. Using the vernacular….one size does not fit all. That’s where quality training from a personal fitness trainer can make all the difference. A professional personal fitness Trainer in West Chester will not focus on just exercise, but will design a total fitness plan that also includes nutrition.

The Fitness Trainer in West Chester can help you decipher the vast amount of nutrition information that exists and build a sound dietary plan that will supply your nutritional needs. For example, an athlete in training that is burning an extra 2,000 calories a day will need a different dietary plan than a mother who exercises 30 minutes a day and burns the average amount of calories.

A great fitness program will always be composed of both exercise and nutrition. Your custom designed program will balance your nutritional needs against your level of physical activity. The trainer will also take into account any other nutritional requirements due to special needs related to genetics or health issues.

Energizing the Body

Nutrition is energy, and you need your energy supplied through the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. You need to eat balanced meals if you want your body to respond to exercise the way it should. Your personal trainer knows how to measure your caloric needs and then develop a sound nutritional plan that will help you lose or maintain weight while supplying the energy your body needs.

A well designed fitness program can meet any goal you might have in mind. The key lies in the words “well designed”. A Personal Fitness Trainer in West Chester can work with you at your home or office which means you get the convenience and results at the same time.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Sleep: The Other Part Of The Fitness Puzzle for Health

baby sleepingEating right and exercising are the key building blocks for good health in West Chester, right? Just don’t forget the third piece of the health and fitness puzzle—sleep is every bit as important, for more reasons than you might expect.

Eat Right, Exercise, And Get Enough Sleep

Eating right and exercising get the lion’s share of the attention in terms of health and fitness. Sleep is often an afterthought. The truth of the matter is, though, that neither a good exercise plan nor a healthy diet can work effectively to maintain health in West Chester without the proper rest to support it. In fact, scientists have shown that you can live longer without eating than you can without sleeping.

Life, as we all know, is filled with far too many demands on our time; and while many of us have committed to a regular exercise routine to maintain good health, many of us have let ourselves become sleep deprived. That is hardly conducive to maximizing the benefits of that much needed exercise regimen. Very few people report prioritizing sleep for health in West Chester, while exercising and eating right are much more of a concern. Still, as experts have revealed, all three components are essential to optimizing health.

How Lack Of Sleep Affects Fitness

A lack of sleep (less than eight hours per recommendations) has a significant impact on the body’s ability to function and see to essential life processes that command fitness. Most people know that not getting enough sleep is a severe energy drain, which obviously complicates the ability to exercise. But beyond the energy factor, sleep affects health and fitness in other ways.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to:

  • Poor regulatory control of blood products and hormones (impacting bone density, strength, energy, appetite control, and muscle health)
  • Increased weight gain (despite diet)
  • Decreased exercise regimens
  • Slower metabolism

In addition, a lack of sleep results in poor cardiovascular (heart) health and an inability to repair muscle and tissue—essential to strength and fitness. In fact, the need for sleep as a means of boosting fitness is so important that the average athlete gets ten hours of sleep each night as opposed to the recommended eight (which is really far less for many adults). This is important to consider when trying either to maintain or achieve health in West Chester.

Sleep And Exercise—A Symbiotic Relationship

Exercise and sleep share a symbiosis of sorts. You need good rest to be able to perform exercise and benefit from it; good exercise helps you get the most from your sleeping hours. It helps you get to sleep, stay asleep, and rest better than if you did not exercise.

Sleep and exercise are two partners in health and fitness. Without one, the other will be seriously lacking, and without the other pieces of the health and fitness puzzle—nutrition, sleep, and exercise, the benefits of any other will be seriously decreased. They are both necessary in order to achieve health in West Chester.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All fitness programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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How a Personal Trainer in West Chester Helps You Achieve Goals

woman achieves weight loss goalA personal trainer in West Chester can help you meet fitness and weight loss goals by a deadline. Of course this means you must begin your program within a reasonable amount of time given your goals, but your personal trainer in West Chester can structure a fitness program so that you achieve quicker results. The trainer will work with you to identify the specific results you desire and will then structure your fitness program to target those goals.

Oh No…Pictures!

Far and wide people are worrying about how they will look in the pictures they know will be taken. It may be a wedding, charity walk, class reunion, social event, family reunion, or any one of a hundred other picture taking events involved. But it always seems to come down to wondering how to get fit in time to look good in the pictures.

When you want to slim down or tone up for a major event coming up, there’s a right way and wrong way to approach your goals. Starving yourself or suddenly beginning a long distance aerobic conditioning running program is not the right way. Instead you should work with a personal trainer in West Chester who can design a program which specifically addresses those areas of the body which you want to improve in time for the picture taking.

Targeted exercises can accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

  • Tighten abdomen muscles
  • Tone shoulders and arms
  • Lose weight
  • Improve aerobic conditioning
  • Tighten thigh and buttock muscles

Stretching Your Goals

When you have a big event coming up and want to concentrate on certain fitness aspects, a personal trainer in West Chester can work with you to set short term goals. Short term goals are those which can be met in a couple of months or less. After setting reasonable goals that are achievable, you will be able to follow a fitness program which enables you to meet those goals in time for your designated event.

A professional personal trainer in West Chester has many types of exercises and nutritional approaches that can result in weight loss and body toning in a fairly short amount of time. For example, you can begin stair stepping and bicycling while reducing the amount of fat and carbohydrates in your diet. Activities such as this can be combined with targeted exercises such as abdomen crunches and muscle toning moves like bicep curls with free weights.

When it comes to picture taking events, it’s not unusual to discover you want to make some fitness improvements. Of course there are plenty of events that you may simply want to take on as a challenge. These can include activities such as a 25-mile bicycle trek or a 10 mile walk.

Whatever you have in mind, you can begin working with a personal trainer in West Chester immediately and begin to see results in a short period of time. Then once the event passes, you can stretch your short term goals into a long term fitness program.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to succesfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Why Crash Dieting Does More Harm Than Good

When trying for weight loss in West Chester, sometimes the thing that prompts us to try and lose weight is an upcoming event, such as wanting to get into a bathing suit for summer or looking good for a wedding or reunion. The temptation is high to follow a diet that promises rapid weight loss in West Chester in a short amount of time, but often these crash diets do more harm than good and can even result in long lasting consequences. In this article, we’ll discuss why crash dieting is bad for you, the long term consequences of a cycle of long term crash dieting, and what you can do for effective weight loss in West Chester!

crash diets

What is a Crash Diet and Why is it Bad?

Crash diets are famous for promising unbelievable results with minimum effort in a short period of time, but what do they entail exactly? Most crash diets have a poor diet and questionable supplements in common. They usually involve drastically cutting back on the number of calories you consume during the day, and sometimes have complementary supplements which are nothing but diuretics. While practitioners may notice rapid weight loss at the beginning of such a diet, often the weight lost is nothing but water weight and, if continued, will result in muscle loss as well.

When you follow an extremely low calorie diet, the first thing that happens is that your body uses up its stores of carbohydrate, also known as glycogen, as well as the water that is stored with it, in the liver and muscles. This is what prompts the weight loss in the beginning. Once these carbohydrates are used up, the body starts using proteins in the muscles for energy, which can leave you feeling tired and irritable.

Soon, the metabolism slows down, putting your body into a kind of starvation mode, because it doesn’t know when it will start receiving healthy nutrients again. Then, when you go back to your previous eating habits, you’re likely to not only put back on the weight you’ve lost, but add more pounds as well, because the metabolism is still too slow to keep up with the new intake of food.

Worst Case Scenarios

Those that put themselves of a constant cycle of crash dieting and eating poorly are doing a lot of damage to their bodies which could result in potentially life threatening illnesses. Due to their restrictive natures, crash diets could prevent you from eating healthy foods with nutrients that your body needs to function properly, such as iron, B12, potassium or sodium. These could lead to deficiencies that can cause other problems, like nerve and muscle functions and heart attacks. They also cause a great deal of problems for organs like the liver and kidneys, because without the proper nutrients, the organs can’t function properly. Finally, not getting enough calcium in the diet can lead to the development of osteoporosis, which makes bones brittle and more prone to fractures.

Eat a Balanced Diet for Better Results

If you’re trying for weight loss in West Chester, resist the temptation to follow a crash diet and look for healthier alternatives instead. Gradually change your eating habits and your proportion sizes so your metabolism won’t drop too quickly, and pair your new eating habits with a fitness routine, and you’ll be losing weight in no time. Think of your new good habits as a lifestyle change instead of a temporary diet.

You may not lose weight as quickly as a crash diet can promise, but you’ll be doing it in a much safer way and the weight is more likely to stay off. For safe and effective weight loss in West Chester consider hiring a personal trainer. Personal trainers ensure that you will achieve your long term goals by changing up your routines and keeping you motivated!

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Exercise Is A Top Diabetes Management Tool, According To Personal Trainers In Downington

Personal trainers in Downington know that exercise and good nutrition can do a lot to prevent or delay diabetes onset, but that they are also key factors in controlling diabetes, preventing serious complications, and in living well with diabetes. Typically, a fitness personal trainer will recommend some form of exercise for all diabetics, but care must be taken to develop a safe plan given your specific situation.

Many Benefits Of Fitness For Diabetics

A 2005 study showed that people who had diabetes and who walked daily were healthier after two years. Their medical expenses were lower as well, indicating their overall health was better. In contrast, people with diabetes who did not exercise experienced a decline in health and increased health care costs.

Physical fitness is important to diabetes as a means of controlling blood sugar; it is also a highly effective means of maintaining heart health—a top threat to people with diabetes. Personal trainers in Downington have seen that diabetics who exercise benefit from:

  • Improved circulation—preventing lesions and tissue damage throughout the body
  • Prevention of heart problems
  • Increased blood flow to the heart
  • Decreased cholesterol (of ‘bad’ cholesterol levels)
  • Increased levels of good cholesterols
  • Decreased nerve damage
  • Weight loss
  • Lower risk of stroke
  • Decrease in blood pressure

People with diabetes who exercise enjoy many of the same benefits of people exercising without diabetes—and more. For people with diabetes, though, exercise takes on an even greater importance as the extra boost is necessary to keep the heart, lungs, and body functioning at optimal capacity.

Exercise Considerations For People With Diabetes

Exercising with diabetes is similar to exercising without, but there are special considerations that need to be accounted for. Since exercise causes dramatic changes to blood glucose, it is important to talk to your doctor about how to manage blood sugar before, during, and after exercise.

It is also important to know what types of exercise are beneficial and will improve your condition and what types of exercise are safe given your specific symptoms/condition. For this it is important to ask personal trainers in Downington for advice.

For example,

  • Aerobic exercise and sports are recommended, but care must be taken to monitor effects on blood glucose
  • Strength training helps build muscle and improves metabolism, but when complications arise strength training may need to be modified or suspended
  • Patients who have lived an inactive lifestyle need to gradually break into exercise and increase intensities as fitness improves
  • Blood glucose levels dictate the safety of exercise—it is generally recommended that diabetics not exercise with blood glucose below 100mg/dL or above 300mg/dL

In addition, personal trainers in Downington require that all diabetics stay well hydrated during exercise (because dehydration impacts blood sugar) and should always check for injuries (particularly of feet) following exercise.

Getting Help To Exercise Safely

Developing a plan for safe and effective fitness can be daunting if you have diabetes. The help of qualified professionals—including the advice of your doctor and the knowledge of personal trainers in Downington—can help immensely. Your doctor will work with you to make sure that you are exercising in a way that is beneficial and safe, and a personal trainer will build upon your doctor’s recommendations to develop a fitness plan that is right for you.

As a diabetic, exercise is one of the best ways to remain healthy at your optimal level throughout life. Get the professional advice and assistance you need and commit to regular exercise so that you can live well for many years, despite your disease. Personal trainers in Downington can help you learn about how this is possible.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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A West Chester Health Expert Reports: Glycemic Index and Fat Loss

A West Chester Health Expert Writes In the last few years, the term glycemic index has grown in prominence in West Chester health and fitness circles. This is a relatively new tool for those that are seeking to improve their overall health and loose fat, and while there are plenty of West Chester health and fitness experts that support incorporating the glycemic index in the diet, there are others that say that it’s not worth the trouble. In this article, we’ll learn more about the glycemic index, as well as its pros and cons, and what a West Chester health professional can do for you!

What is the glycemic index?

The glycemic index was developed by Dr. David Jenkins, a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto in the early 1980s. The purpose of his work was to discover the best kinds of foods for people that suffer from diabetes, a disease in which the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, the hormone responsible for breaking down foods like sugars and starches. Dr. Jenkins discovered that foods like potatoes, traditionally thought of as a complex carbohydrate, or food that was thought of as breaking down slowly, thus causing the blood sugar to rise slowly, actually lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar, which can be dangerous for a diabetic. This discovery prompted researchers to begin classifying foods by their glycemic index, or the change in blood sugar that happens after food that is high in carbohydrates is consumed.

How can it help me lose fat?

Following glycemic index diet, which encourages eating foods that have a low glycemic index and avoiding foods that have a high glycemic index, can work because eating foods that spike the insulin, or those that have a high glycemic index, and reduces glucagon, a hormone that metabolizes carbohydrates, making it harder to burn off fat. It sounds simple enough, and research has shown that it can actually work. A study was performed by researchers at the University of Sydney in 2006, in which 129 overweight young adults were split into four groups, and each group was given a different diet to follow for twelve weeks. Two diets were high in carbs and two were high in protein. In each group of two, one diet included foods with a high glycemic index and the other had foods that had a low glycemic index. Between the two high carb diets, those that followed the diet with a low glycemic index experienced nearly double the fat loss, with a very strong response in women. While those following the two high protein diets lost equal amounts of weight, there were differences in the level of good and bad cholesterol, with those following the low glycemic index diet coming out with better cholesterol levels.

The Negatives

To be honest, there aren’t any major reasons not to follow a diet including foods that have a low glycemic index, but there are some important things to keep in mind. First, the glycemic index is an average, and every body is different. It is impossible to predict how any given food will react in your body, so keep this in mind if you don’t see the results you wished for not happening right away. Secondly, the most important thing to keep in mind when changing your diet with the focus of losing fat is that you still need to burn off more calories than you consume – just because a food has a low glycemic index doesn’t mean that you can eat tons and tons of it. Finally, if you’re already following a West Chester health and fitness program, throwing the glycemic index into the mix can make planning your meals much more time consuming and confusing that it needs to be.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your fitness level, a West Chester health trainer will keep you motivated throughout your entire weight loss process. They will show you exciting and new exercise routines to keep boredom at bay! There is no better time than the present to hire a West Chester health professional to make your goals a reality!

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves weight loss and fitness clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss at Our West Chester Health and Fitness Club

When many of us are in pursuit of losing weight as a West Chester Health and Fitness goal, we often rely solely on the numbers of the scale to tell us how we are doing. Unfortunately, this is not always a healthy measure of success. Losing weight without a complementary exercise regime can result in losing important muscle, which can have more dangerous effects in the long run. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at weight loss vs. fat loss, and what you can do to ensure that you’re losing weight in a healthy and safe way to make sure that you reach your West Chester Health and Fitness goals.

Weight Loss Doesn’t Mean Fat Loss

When most of us say that we want to lose weight, what we really mean is that we want to reduce to amount of fat in our bodies to create a leaner silhouette. Most of us know that the fundamental principle of losing weight is that if we burn more calories than we consume, the result will be weight loss. But where is this weight coming from? Let’s take a closer look at how our bodies process the calories that we consume.

First, the body converts what we eat into energy, which in turn gives us the power to go about our daily lives. When we consume more calories than we burn, the resulting calories are converted into fat. On the other end of the scale, when we consume less calories than we burn, we lose weight but we also lose energy. Unfortunately, the weight loss doesn’t necessarily come from the fat, but the energy stores that are depleted are made up proteins and carbohydrates, which are found in muscles. This means that the muscles get smaller, the metabolism lowers, and once the body has adapted to the lower energy levels, the body will cease to continue losing weight.

The bottom line is that simply decreasing the amount of calories consumed may result in short term weight loss, but the weight won’t necessarily come from fat. Plus, if the calories are restricted too much, the body could even start storing fat as a preventative measure, because it doesn’t know when it will start receiving normal levels of calories again.

Getting Rid of Fat Instead of Muscle

So what’s the right procedure to get rid of the unwanted fat? The answer is simple – begin a nutrition and exercise program at our West Chester Health and Fitness club. Your body still needs enough calories to keep your energy levels high, but you can eat a great deal more and keep your appetite satisfied with a healthy, balanced diet than you can with a diet full of junk or fast food. The other important factor is a balanced fitness routine comprising of both cardio and strength training. Both cardio and strength training are important for burning away fat and increasing muscle mass, not to mention increasing the metabolism.

Measure Your Body Fat

There are several ways of measuring your body fat, which is often a better gauge of your overall health than a scale. Calculate your Body Mass Index or have a West Chester Health and Fitness specialist calculate your body fat with a skinfold caliper or simply measure yourself with a tape measure and keep track of the results. The best way to gauge your body fat is to simply look in the mirror, take note of how your clothes fit, and most importantly, how you feel. Feeling great is really the best result of following a West Chester Health and Fitness program.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!

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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step!

You can’t find a more cliché quote than that, yet it is remarkably powerful and true. It is especially powerful when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Why is that?

It is because the path to being lean and healthy is a long and grueling one. We all know this but why do so many quit before they achieve their ultimate goal? One word:

We all have them but what separates those who are fit and those who are not are the amount of excuses employed. Excuses are the easy way out and they are debilitating. “I had a long day at work”, “I am having marital and family problems”, “I am under the weather”, and “It costs too much money”. Those are some of the many popular excuses we hear. Granted, life happens as they say. Sometimes things are out of our control but our health and well-being are well within our grasp. We have a client that is leaving us in a week. She lost nearly 90 pounds since starting about 15 months ago! The one thing that was certain about her is that we never heard her make an excuse for either missing a workout, not working out hard, and especially regarding her diet. Her stresses in life were never used as an excuse and that goes for anyone who is in great shape. I can speak for her by saying she is the happiest she has ever felt in her life and it all started with that first step!

We are proud to train a lot of successful individuals here at Premier. How did all these people become successful in life? I’m almost certain they didn’t make excuses along the way and they also didn’t become successful over night. To most it took many years of hard work and perseverance. Fitness works the same way. It is not an overnight success. It takes time, hard work, and a refusal to quit!

So bag the excuses and fast aspirations and take that first step on a thousand mile journey. Make every step count and make every mile the hardest one, each and every time. You do that and I guarantee you will achieve your goals and be healthy and happy.
Get It Done!

One final note: Always ask your trainer(s) for advice and guidance. That’s what we are here for. You can never ever ask too many questions. There are also no dumb questions. The dumbest question is the one not asked. Tap into our brains!

Andrew Clauser is a graduate of West Chester University and holds a bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Science. His main areas of interest involve exercise psychology and nutrition science. Andrew has been a professional fitness coach since 2006

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A West Chester Personal Trainer Can Provide You With Personalized Attention

The name says it all. The role of a West Chester personal trainer is to provide individual, personalized attention to each and every client; and it is that personalized attention that makes all the difference to your fitness success.

What Does A West Chester Personal Trainer Do?

The personal trainer wears many hats. He or she is part nutritional counsel, part friend and confidant and support system, part motivational speaker, part fitness enthusiast, part exercise scientist, and part fitness expert. That’s a lot to roll all into one person, but it is the labor of love of the personal trainer.

Practically, this means the West Chester personal trainer provides services such as these for you as client:

  • Education in regards to healthy living and eating
  • Consultation for both nutrition and exercise or physical training
  • Education as to proper exercise performance
  • Evaluation of fitness goals
  • Evaluation of past and present fitness activities
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Plan development for individual exercise and fitness programs
  • Exercise supervision
  • Motivational support
  • Reassessment of goals and program

This list is really only the beginning of the services offered by a personal trainer. The services and benefits of working with a personal trainer are wide and varied, and to a very large extent they are dependent upon your own individual needs.

Why Put The Personal In Personal Trainer?

Regardless of the capacity the personal trainer serves for you, the key is that you are getting attention that is personal and individual.

Every person is different. Body type, size, and structure are different. People vary in strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall capability. People differ in regards to health. People have drastically different goals for fitness and physical performance. All of this adds up to one thing: everyone has a need for a different fitness plan.

In order to achieve the fitness goals you have in mind, or even to realize what those goals are, you need to learn many things. You need to know what your physical abilities are, you need to learn how you can safely reach those goals given extenuating personal circumstances, and you need to know how to best focus your fitness work. Unless you have a deep background in nutrition and exercise, you are not likely to have the knowledge base needed to make the best fitness decisions for you.

A West Chester personal trainer on the other hand does. Personal trainers study fitness and the human body in-depth so that they can help you blend exercise science, health, and nutrition all into one package that fits right for you.

A West Chester personal trainer is an excellent resource both as occasional consultant and as a regular fitness coach. Take advantage of the knowledge and personal service that a personal trainer brings so that you can be confident your fitness plan is safe, effective, and well-tuned to make you the healthiest you can be.

Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals. All fitness  and weight loss programs come with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not get started today? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for a Free Consult now!