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Nick’s 3 Core Training Rules

Nick Primavera


Core training is all the rage these days. In fact, core training has been the rage for very long time. The primary reason people care so much about their “core” is because they associate a strong core with a sexy 6 pack. WRONGGGGGGGGG!!!

Let me first define what your “core” really is…

Very simply put, your core is a guywire system comprised of inner and outer muscular units that act on your spine to create stability, allow motion and create motion. We can realistically consider all muscles from your clavicles to your thighs, front to back as part of your core. So yea, much more than just your abs.

Let’s clear another thing up; just because someone has a 6 pack does not mean they have a strong core. The ability to perform 1,000 crunches also does not indicate core strength or anything beyond needing a new way to fill free time besides doing crunches and tweeting about it.

So without anymore delay, I will share with you MY top 3 core training rules

  • Resist Motion

I focus much of my core training on teaching my core muscles to resist excessive motion in the spine. This could be something as simple as a forearm plank (which resists spinal extension) or a more advanced exercise like a split stance high-low cable chop (which resists spinal rotation). A strong conscious glute contraction along with squeezing your stomach muscles will allow you to be very strong in these anti-movement exercises. Training in this way will also have a functional carry over to everyday life.

Try this very basic anti-movement circuit:

Perform these exercises in sequence with no rest= 30 Second Forearm Plank, 20 second Side Plank each side. Try to do 3 rounds without resting.


  • Frequency

I firmly believe that most people can and should train their core in some capacity every single day. Now this will obviously be with varied intensity, but exercises like plank variations will not create much muscle damage that needs days and days to recovery. They will, however, train your nervous system to engrain proper contraction patterns that will allow core stiffness to become automatic.

When training the nervous system, frequency is your friend. Rather than doing 500 sit ups to get disgustingly sore, for a couple of days, choose exercises that you can do regularly. Also mix things up for variety. Consult one of our professionals to add unique exercises to your core training arsenal. If you do happen to be sore from a hard workout then stick with low intensity core circuits as a method of increasing frequency while allowing recovery. You week might look like this…

Monday- Medicine Ball Slams, Offset Farmers Carries, Hanging Leg Raises

Tuesday- Plank Leg Lifts, RKC Planks, Side Planks for time

Wednesday- Pushup Planks for time, aiming to increase time and conscious tension weekly

Thursday- Static Pallof Presses for time, Swiss Ball Body Saws

Friday through Sunday- RKC Planks, Dead Bugs, Active Side Planks


  • Create Movement

Yea yea I know. Number 3 completely contradicts number 1, but let me explain!! In everyday life you place stabilizing demands on your core while creating motion in your limbs. We see this in sports when a running back takes hits from all directions while bracing his core in an attempt to keep pushing forward. We also see it when your mom carries groceries on one side and opens the trunk with her other arm. Implementing exercises into your core training regimen that teach the core to maintain spinal stability while allowing the limbs to generate force will be way more beneficial than crunching yourself to an injured back.

With that in mind, be conscious of core contraction during everything you do. Running sprints? Think core. Shooting hoops? THINK CORE! The more conscious you are of core contract the more automatic it will be in times when your back is compromised, like yanking a weed out of the garden.


For a more detailed core training article read this. To have a personalized core training program design specifically for your needs and abilities contact me. Train your core smarter, not harder, and prevent injury while improving performance in life.

Yeaaaaaaa Buddy!

Positive Vibes,


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3 Nutrition Tips to Lose Fat


Summer is in full effect. It’s the time of year where people feel the most self-conscious about their bodies and try to hide it behind sunglasses and baggy t-shirts. Rather than drowning in a pool of negativity created by your lack of confidence, relax in a hammock of chillness created by positive action. What positive action you ask? The kind that will not only give you a better body, but also dramatically improve your health. Follow these 3 nutrition tips and you will achieve and SUSTAIN peak internal and external physical condition.

  • Manage Blood Sugar

Opt for quality protein sources, beneficial fats and low glycemic carbohydrate sources at every meal. If you’re overweight then there is a reason, and it is likely that you can make lifestyle changes to correct it. Controlling your blood glucose will allow your body to maintain physiological balance to provide you with sustained energy and focus. You will also shift your metabolism toward a more lipolytic (fat burning) state. You will also find that once you adopt this new habit, you are hungry less often. For a fully detailed educational resource, read this.


  • High Protein Breakfast

A bagel, orange juice, some oatmeal, and some burnt toast. Sound familiar? This is a breakfast all too similar to what most Americans start their days with. The food you choose for breakfast sets up your neurotransmitter activity for the ENTIRE DAY! If you stick with high glycemic carb, low protein breakfasts then you will crash by 11 am and depend on office coffee to get you through the day. You will also have dramatic fluxes in your blood sugar and a stress response from your sympathetic nervous system that supports fat storage. Be smarter and choose a high protein breakfast and save the juice for, like, never. Want more on this? Click right here.

  • Don’t Crash Diet

Scientists have proven time and time again that calorie cutting crash diets supply ZERO maintainable fat loss. You may drop 8lbs of water in 3 days, but a few days later you bloat back up and be more angry than a germ freak at a Llama farm. Many of these popular “cleanse” diets are nothing more than a disguised diuretic regimen. Instead, be active every single day, follow tips 1 and 2, and get your priorities straight. What’s more important? Impressing people on the beach, or living a long healthy life? If you play your cards right you’ll lose weight over a few weeks and it will be easy to sustain in a healthy fashion. You CAN do it!

Follow these 3 tips and reap the benefits of a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Positive Vibes,


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5 Tips to Improve Your Fitness


Fitness is about integrating a healthy mind and body to ENJOY LIFE!

The commercial media makes it EXTREMELY easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of contradictory fitness information it spews out. It seems like every website or magazine says a different thing, and then you have Dr. Oz changing his damn mind every week. All you want to do is improve your fitness level, but you’re too busy trying to sift through to sea of b.s. that is presented to you. Well my friends, I can assure you that improving your fitness level is MUCH simpler than the industry would have you believe.

Follow these 5 tips and enjoy the benefits of constantly improving your health in a sustainable fashion!

1.) Do Calisthenics
My good friend Stephen Clark is an absolute calisthenics expert, so check out his site for extensive info on all thing calisthenics. Anyways, bodyweight training is an incredible tool that just about anyone can use. The best part about this type of training is that you can do it every day. You can do it in your house, in your yard, in your office, in your underwear, or pretty much anywhere. This freedom makes it easy to stay committed to a daily program because it will not involve commuting to the gym or be dependent upon the availability of equipment. So in short, do calisthenics EVERY SINGLE DAY!

2.) Open Your Mind
Weight lifting is just one way to skin the fitness cat. Do not get caught up in the “weight lifting only” mindset that so many people are trapped in. Instead, have an open mind and try out many different forms of exercise. For example, body weight training, hiking, recreational sports, riding bikes, and jumping rope are all excellent ways to improve your fitness. Using a variety of methods will not only keep you from getting bored, but will also expose you to a variety of stimuli which will benefit your nervous system and create new opportunities to improve.

3.) Educate Yourself
One way to defend yourself against the barrage of misleading fitness information is to develop a foundation of knowledge and understanding.

How do you do this?

Find yourself a trainer (like me) that you mesh with as a person, and schedule a few sessions. This investment of time and money will be completely worth it in the long run. Come to your sessions with questions prepared to ensure that each session is an educational experience and not just simply a workout. Any respectable trainer will be ecstatic that you are taking such a proactive approach to fitness education and will provide you with all of the knowledge that they have to offer.


4.) Schedule Your Health
“ I’m too busy to workout” is a comment we frequently hear from people who are attempting to justify their lack of prioritization. Fitness can have an incredible impact on every single aspect of your entire life. Re-read that last sentence 5 times. Got it? Ok, well, MAKE TIME to include fitness into your daily schedule. This may mean spending 20 less minutes googling “funny cat memes” after work, but you’ll survive. Put at least 20-60 minutes of exercise on your calendar and build your schedule around that. It will be an investment of time that is well worth it.

5.) Learn About Mobility
The days of your grandmother’s static stretches are OVER! Mobility exercises have replaced static stretches as effective ways to prep for a workout and to improve joint range of motion through movement. At Premier we strategically implement ways to down-regulate nervous system impulses to overactive muscles, while activating under active muscles. We also utilize specific exercises to “reteach” your restricted joints to work through full ranges of motion. What does any of that mean? Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to have a personalized mobility pan developed specifically for your needs!

Our website is a great resource for information and fitness tips, but be sure to connect with us to get a more personalized lifestyle program made just for you! 610-429-9002.

Stay Positive and Eat Your Damn VEGGIES!


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Finding Simple Ways to Workout at Home

So you’re having a bad day. The alarm didn’t go off and you’re running late. So late, in fact, you can’t possibly make it to the gym before you head out the door to work. In situations like this, your fitness personal trainer would ask you to make a choice – do a quick workout at home or skip the exercise altogether. Which do you think he’d prefer?

Before you balk, remember that even a few minutes of exercise is better than none. Next, remember that you do not need to have a home gym full of equipment to get in some cardio or strength training. Here are a few things you can do at home, with no equipment, when you are pressed for time.

Home Gym


Yes, you can jog in your house. Jog in place, or around your living room, while you are watching the news in the morning. Make sure you remember to put on your shoes as many people find jogging in bare feet to be uncomfortable and stressful to the joints.

Aerobic Programs

If you have cable television, check your provider’s listings for fitness programs. Many of today’s cable providers have fitness stations that run aerobic programs all day long. Depending on the type of service you have, you’ll either be stuck with whatever program is on when you start working out or you may get to choose a favorite.

Jumping Jacks

That’s right – we want you to get up and do some jumping jacks. They’ll get you moving, wake you up, and raise your heart rate. Do them as a warmup or as part of your home fitness routine.


No arguments. Do some pushups. If you don’t have the upper body strength to do a traditional pushup, make a modification by working from your knees or by doing standing pushups against a wall. As the muscles in your arms and chest become stronger, so will your ability to do different forms of this exercise.

These are just a few examples of the things you can do when you’re stuck at home without a fitness personal trainer to help you out. Make sure you talk to your trainer while you are in the gym to get some suggestions for exercises that are catered to your specific needs!

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7 Incredible Benefits of Regular Exercise

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again – regular exercise is essential to your health and well-being. While your doctor, personal fitness trainer, loved ones, or friends may be trying to get you to become a bit more active, they’re likely not explaining why exercise is so important. Let’s put it into perspective.


Physically Active People are Happier People

It’s true. Those who get at least 30-minutes of exercise tend to have a more positive outlook than those who do not. Why? The movement and exertion aids in the stimulation and production of chemicals in your brain. These chemicals soothe your nerves and help you to feel relaxed.

Decreased Cholesterol Levels

We start our lives free of medications and, as we age, tend to find ourselves adding more and more in the way of supplements and prescription medications. It is not uncommon for individuals to end needing cholesterol medications to control their LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Exercise helps you to keep your HDL levels high so that you can combat that LDL. Excess levels of LDL can build up in your arteries and cause heart disease and strokes. So which would you prefer in this case – exercise or medication?

Blood Pressure Control

While many people with high blood pressure shy away from exercise because they believe it could make things worse, the truth is that moderate exercise will actually help to strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure. The more active you are, the less likely you are to see your blood pressure creep up on you as you age.

Weight Management

It is no secret that exercise will help you to burn calories, allowing you to either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Exercising regularly will have a number of benefits. Your body has a resting metabolic rate, where you burn a certain number of calories per hour. Exercise not only gives you the initial rush and calorie burn from your workout, but increases your resting metabolic rate as well. You’ll essentially become a calorie crushing machine.

Quality of Sleep

Sleep is as essential to a healthy life as food. Exercising on a regular basis will help your body to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep at a deeper level. As you start to sleep better, you’ll become more productive and have less trouble concentrating during the day. Your body will also have the proper amount of rest time to make much needed repairs, leaving you feeling healthier and more energized.

Prevention of Diabetes

Adults who develop diabetes later in life tend to do so because their bodies are storing too much fat. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, though – exercising can help to fend off the onset of diabetes. This type of exercise doesn’t need to be intense, either. You could walk approximately ½ mile per day and still reap the benefits of diabetes prevention.

Exercise and Your Energy Levels

Your increased energy levels will be caused by two things. First, that extra sleep we mentioned before will help you to feel more alert. Second, moving around and exercising allows oxygen to move through your body and to your tissues. As your heart and lungs are able to work more efficiently, you’ll start to have higher energy levels!

Exercise is for everyone, no matter what your background or current physical condition. Talk to your doctor and a fitness personal trainer about how you can safely begin incorporating more exercise into your daily routine. This is one decision you’ll never regret.