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Workout Diet – What Not to Eat When Working Out

Despite your best efforts, you may find your training and nutrition plans aren’t giving you the results you and your personal fitness trainer had originally hoped to see. Your body needs to see constant change in order to get continuous results, which means switching up your workout routines on a regular basis. There is one other important area of concern, though, and that is your diet.

Perfect Post Workout Nutrition

 If you’ve hit a plateau it may be time to take a closer look at your habits in the kitchen. There are several foods and drinks that will totally destroy your diet, adding tons of sneaky calories. Here are a few things you should be staying away from.

Sauces, Salad Dressings, and Condiments

Sauces, salad dressings, and condiments taste great and can really spice up an otherwise bland diet. If you’re not watching what you’re doing, though, you could be adding tons of calories, sugar, and fat – totally undoing what you did in preparing a healthy meal to start with.

The good news is that you can easily replace these things with spices, all of which are virtually calorie-free and can add a ton of flavor to your food. Staples you should have in the house include pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and anything else that packs a flavor you enjoy. Try to stay away from seasoned salts as they’ll add too much sodium to your diet.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks, like Red Bull, may give you a quick burst of energy but the damage they’re doing to your diet can be devastating. A little can with just over 8 ounces of beverage can have 27 grams of pure sugar. If you’re trying to restrict your carb intake, you’ll completely blow your limit for the day out of the water. If you’re merely trying to eat a healthier diet, you’re replacing healthy, complex carbs with simple sugars. It simply doesn’t work. Ask your personal trainer to recommend a healthier alternative.


Alcohol is bad for your diet and physical goals. Period. End of statement. No matter what “reduced” calorie or reduced carb concoction you pick up, it will still be packed with empty calories (ie. absolutely no nutritional value). To make things worse, most people drink alcohol at night, which is when your body is more likely to try to store it as fat. If you’re really serious about your physical fitness goals, you’ll need to put alcohol on the back burner.

There are plenty of other dietary changes you can make to jump-start your weight loss and physical fitness goals. Talk to your personal fitness trainer about making modifications to your current plan. You’ll begin to see results again before you know it.

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Diet Help: 5 Tips to Prevent Diet Slip-Ups for West Chester Weight Loss

Dieting is no easy task. Taking the first step towards West Chester weight loss by making the decision to diet and improve nutrition is commendable and will do much to improve your health and well-being. Still, dieting is just plain hard to do. To help you along, we’ve compiled five of the top tips for avoiding dieting slip-ups as you make your way toward better eating habits.

5 Tips For Preventing Diet Missteps

To increase the odds that you will stick to your diet this time around, achieve your West Chester weight loss and nutrition goals, and build up eating habits that will last for overall weight control and health, put these five tips into action.

  1. Work Out. Exercise holds a number of advantages for those seeking West Chester weight loss: it helps you control your appetite, it gives you something better to be doing, it places focus on your health and fitness, and it helps you see faster results of dieting efforts. What’s more, working out places increased demands on your energy, so if you can commit to a workout you enjoy, you can commit to fueling that activity by providing the right diet needed for working out.
  2. Work With A Personal Trainer. A personal trainer is really more like a personal advocate. It is the job of the personal trainer to see you reach (and move beyond) your fitness goals by helping you move towards West Chester weight loss. Trainers accomplish this by teaching you about good nutrition, supporting you and motivating you, and reminding you of your own wants and needs when you’ve forgotten.
  3. Write It Down. What you eat, that is. Keep a journal of what you eat each day so that you don’t miss a beat. Revise your list at the end of the day and see where you succeeded and where you need to improve. It is helpful to share your journal with your personal trainer and nutritionist—many of us think we are eating well when we are not, and an experienced nutrition expert can help you find the hidden foods and ingredients that might be spelling diet disaster for you despite your best efforts.
  4. Get Educated. As we’ve said, many of us think we are eating well when we are not. Our understanding of food and nutrition is increasing. Manufacturers are also getting better at hiding bad foods under good labels. Read and seek professional advice about West Chester weight loss to learn more about what really is and really isn’t good for your diet.
  5. Maintain Balance. In dieting, balance is key—balance portions, balance foods, and balance timing. Eat a well-balanced meal (which you’re going to learn about!) and eat as often as you should so that you are never starving and binging to catch up.

To Err Is Human

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to West Chester weight loss. As always, remember that it is human to err, and so a diet slip-up is not an excuse to give up. Seek the support of your friends and family, nutritionist if you have one, and personal trainer. With these people on your side and this plan for preventing dieting difficulties, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of your new and improved dieting efforts!

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