Regular Exercise: How to Add it to Your Daily Routine

Adding regular exercise to your daily routine may at first seem stressful, especially if you’ve been relatively inactive. Your best bet, as you prepare to embark on your new exercise journey, is to start by talking with a personal fitness trainer. He or she will help you to design a workout plan that is safe and effective. Here are some things you’ll need to discuss.

Physician’s Clearance

One of the first things your trainer will ask is whether or not you have any medical conditions he should be aware of. Be honest and as complete as possible when answer this question. Fitness trainers are well-versed in anatomy and physiology and know how exercise impacts the body. He or she may ask you to get some sort of physician’s clearance before you start your new workout routine. This is not to make your life difficult, but to keep you safe. Your doctor’s report will help your trainer develop a routine that is appropriate for your needs.

Choosing the Right Type of Regular Exercise

Get Regular Exercise
Some people prefer strength training or weight lifting. Others prefer aerobic exercise in the form of walking, running, biking, or even taking a class. A great workout routine will combine a little of both, even if you aren’t doing both each and every day. Talk to your trainer about when you should do each type of exercise and try to map out a daily or weekly routine. Having something in writing will make your new plan easier to follow.

Don’t Go Overboard

Start small and work your way into longer and more frequent workouts. A brief, 30-minute workout every other day will give your body a chance to recover, especially if it isn’t used to any exercise at all. As your stamina improves, you can make your workouts more frequent, aiming for 6 or 7 days per week. Once you are doing more frequent workouts, you can experiment with increasing the length of your sessions. Remember, even 10 minutes of activity can have huge health benefits. Don’t push yourself into doing something you aren’t ready for.

Talk to your personal fitness trainer and your doctor before starting a new regular exercise workout routine, especially if you are not used to exercising regularly. Your health care team will be able to ease you into exercise safely, reducing your risk of illness or injury!

Dennis Carroll, Premier Personal Training

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