Welcome to Premier Personal Training

At Premier we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.  Our success is dependent upon your success. 

We operate out of our private studio facility located in historic downtown West Chester, PA. Here you will find a team of fitness experts with over thirty years of experience in guiding our clients to achieve their health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss goals.

We are the perfect match for someone new to the fitness world just beginning their journey to a life lasting change in better health and happiness. We promote and practice sustainable weight loss tactics instead of crash diets and unregulated supplements.

Our training expertise extends out to clients suffering with chronic pain or that are in need of post-rehab exercise. Premier’s use of Functional Movement Screening and corrective exercise techniques have helped countless people over the years become pain free when other methods have failed them in the past.

Our nationally certified fitness consultants have worked with even the highest levels of athletes, from marathon runners, to power lifters, body-builders, and professional athletes.

Even if you believe your fitness or weight management shortcomings may be due to a more psychological issue within yourself, we are led by nationally certified Life Coach Dennis Carroll, NLP Master Practitioner and Fire Walk Instructor.

* Disclaimer: Individual results will vary


At Premier Personal Training you will discover more than just a gym in West Chester, PA.  You will find a personal trainer and life coach that will help you transform your life and health.